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Are your IBM Passport Advantage (PA) contacts up to date?

You need to routinely check (at least annually) that the PA contacts are still valid.  In particular the Primary Contact for the PA site.

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What is IBM Business Critical Service Upgrade and is it worth it?

What is IBM Business Critical Service Upgrade? IBM Business Critical Service Upgrades are options to extend your Base support (9x5) to Business Critical (24x7) and usually applies to an Appliance.  The main benefit is an upgrade from standard appliance support...

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12 IBM Licensing Resources to help you manage your IBM risk and costs

A list of useful resources to help you better manage you IBM license costs and risk

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IBM License for Development and Test Environment

“You always need an IBM license, including Development and Test” Introduction It is a common misconception that you don’t need a license for IBM products deployed for development or test purposes. This is incorrect.  Some vendors don’t charge for products...

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10 Checks to make before you cancel IBM S&S and reduce your IT costs

“Can we reduce or cancel IBM S&S for this product? These 10 checks should give you the confidence to do it” When the annual IBM Support and Subscription (S&S) renewal comes up for review in your organisation the perennial question...

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What’s an IBM Flexible Contract Type (FCT) and why you should care

FCT mentioned anywhere in your IBM license entitlement? You need to dig deeper #itam tips Flexible Contract Type aka FCT is a special and typically older contract type used by IBM. As the name suggests it's flexible so when it is mentioned...

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