10 Questions to ask your IBM ILMT Administrator – to ensure IBM license compliance

Overview If your company wants to take advantage of the significant cost reductions IBM sub-capacity licensing offers it is important that you have ILMT, deployed, configured, and correctly reporting your usage. ILMT is a very powerful but complex tool to...

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Who’s checking the IBM license metric tool (ILMT) reports?

  Got IBM products? Are you sure the ILMT audit snapshot reports have been run this quarter & are they correct? If you have IBM products in you network you will almost certainly need to be running the IBM license...

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12 IBM Licensing Resources to help you manage your IBM risk and costs

A list of useful resources to help you better manage you IBM license costs and risk

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12 Checks to ILMT to ensure IBM license compliance

Got a monthly Run Book for ILMT sub-cap reporting? If not then you are probably falling out of compliance #itam tips If you are taking advantage of IBM sub -cap licensing then you already know that you'll need to be running ILMT...

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